Fresh Favorites

KAE WEST  + Los Angeles, CA


I recently had the pleasure of meeting the lovely + fashion forward Kay Lynn Bridges who is the designer and founder of Kae West. Her work will take you through the dreamscape of playful imagination and self-expression while breaking ties of the mundane and predictable. Not only does her beauty + style reflect in her unique pieces, but so does her airy and inspirational influences. New Threads


Hollywood Lux.jpg

One weekend I was doing the traditional Saturday afternoon run of errands to fulfill my to-do list. In the midst of hopping from one place to the next, I couldn’t help but notice a $1 sidewalk sale of all things vintage. As Portland is notorious for their fabulous thrift finds, the Hollywood Lux Vintage shop is one that stands out above the rest. Not only are their hand picked selection of apparel, local vendors of kitschy jewelry, + accessories, and home decor. Above all else the owner of the shop is one person everyone should have a pleasure to meet which always makes a difference when having the ultimate shopping experience. Make sure if you are hanging around the Hollywood District swing by the shop and pick up a fabulous find for yourself.  In the Lap of LUX


Sometimes life brings you little gems. The special kind of gem that has a special hue that shines extra. This particular gem I had the pleasure of meeting with in the PNW in the company of friends, only to find home is where the heart is, as she shares the same Bay roots we happen to have. +Taylove Design+ creator has a soft but uniquely strong aura about her which translates down to her products and art. She surely has the true detail of what it takes to execute true craftsmanship. Treat Yourself


New Mantra: “Good Girls Get Gems”. I was gifted a beautiful crystal quartz + amethyst necklace and I couldn’t have been more stunned at the quality and size of it! Wearing specific gems can lead to overall betterment of the Soul. Everyone should own a beautifully handmade crystal gem jewelry piece, created by the lovely Cathleen Arnerich, locally based in Portland, Oregon. Get Your Gems