KAE WEST: Swimwear collection and exclusive kitschy designed apparel. Laid-back luxury fashion for the Forever Young. House of Circe currently carries select pieces in exclusive limited run. SHOP NOW

GOOD VIBES DREAMCATCHERS: Good Vibes Dreamcatchers was created by Kelsey Landis in Knoxville, TN and is now based out of Portland, OR. After several years of vending and creating installations at music and arts festivals across the US, select pieces are now sold through House of Circe. SHOP NOW


REFLECTIVE SOCIETY: Leave it to the lovely founder of Reflective Society, Iris Vondell, to keep Portland safe + fashionable with her wearable reflective gear. Her select designs allow you to be seen when traversing the dark without having to wear the standard reflective vest. Her products range from button flare to beautiful head jewelry. SHOP NOW


ARTIST – JOSHUA (SASQUATCH 23) WALLACE: Street artist, Joshua Wallace aka “Sasquatch 23”, has worked in the street art + festival worlds of Los Angeles + San Francisco and is now working in Portland’s art community. His work explores alchemy, magic, and actualizing unified community. LEARN MORE

ARTIST – ELI DURAN: With her bright + smiley sense of self, is not only a great friend to those dear to her, she specializes in creating beautifully intricate mandala style designs using a variety of bohemian chic mediums for the backstage of her handmade work ranging from wood, matte black paper, and vintage-esk glass finds in frames + and windows.