Sweet Treat for SXSW 2018

Hey Creative Crew near + far! Have you been searching for the next musical talent that brilliantly weaves the thread of sound + emotion into a modern tech twist. If you have then this is for you + other creatives out there in SXSW! The AM are back in Texas and Austin for a crazy week of music, incredible new artists and let’s not forget shows!! Please show your support for this sweet treat at SXSW 2018  + check out on of their shows. You won’t want to miss out!

Instagram _theam
Twitter @acousticminds

Acoustic Minds SXSW tour 18 V4

Below is the ever evolving schedule!

“Hope to see you at one or all of the shows while we play in Texas and at SXSW 2018!!” – The AM
(SXSW Official, Red Gorilla Music Festival, Music Gorilla Music Festival)

March 7th KimmyZ Tatum Point Phoenix, AZ 7pm
March 9th Java Joe’s Albuquerque, NM 11am
March 10th House Concert San Antonio, TX 7pm
March 13th Adaire’s Dallas, TX 8pm

SXSW Austin, TX*
March 14th Dizzy Rooster 9pm
(Red Gorilla Showcase)*
March 15th Handlebar 1pm
(Red Gorilla Showcase)*
March 15th The Met 9pm (Pool Party)*
March 16th Aquarium 330pm
(Red Gorilla Showcase)*
March 16th Oscar’s Backyard 9pm
(NW Fresh Showcase)*
March 17th Dizzy Rooster 5pm
(Red Gorilla Showcase)*
March 17th Whisler’s 10pm
(Music Gorilla Showcase)*
March 18th House Concert 7pm *
March 20th Leftwoods Amarillo, TX 9pm
March 21st Mezcal Albuquerque, NM 7pm

These are all free shows! Come say hello, get a new cd or T-shirt!



As the Winter chill begins to thaw out and the early signs of Spring are starting to sprout, a fresh new budding company, ILLKID, local to Portland area has begun to Squad up in a new way. ILLKID is a brand that stands for the “come up” in both creativity + and not submitting to the traditional status quo. This brand is surely one to watch as they will only take flight to new levels of pushing the envelope as to what is really means to “Squad Up”. STAY TUNED for more updates on this brand and future creative collaborations.

Falling ILLKID
Model: @bianchibroad Photographer: @onino__

Crypto CREW

Cash in on the Crypto Fever – HOT OFF THE PRESS!

With the dawning of a new era in the new “value” system, comes new thoughts, ideas, perspectives, inventions, and best of all, FASHION. So why not make a ripple in your wardrobe investment and be the 1st to rock new threads for 2018?

We just added our new Crypto Crew logo tee + classic crew neck sweatshirt now available for purchase, in a variety of colors . You may want to coin this one before its sold out! CASH IN YOUR FASHION 


House of Circe_Crytocurrency_SweatshirtHouse of Cire_Cryptocurrency Graphic Tee

Shine Bright at Night with Reflective Society

Reflective Society 2.jpg

House of Circe is VERY excited to announce we are an official retailer of Reflective Society, reflective accessories for staying bright while traversing the night. It all started to keep late night Portlanders safe while riding, working out, or hanging out in the night with fashionable reflective gear. Founder, Iris Vondell is just as sweet as her product designs as she incorporates many levels of life and love within each of her pieces. Her items make the perfect accent gift for anyone!

Reflective Society Iris.jpg

ascension: FIRST THURSDAY Art + Music Show @ Tryst in DTWN PDX

End of Summer First Thursday art show has finally arrived! 

Come celebrate the wrapping up of Summer with amazing art, great peeps, food + drink, and sweet beats to commemorate House of Circe’s First Thursday Art + Music shows which has been supporting local creatives of Portland over the last 9 months + to celebrate the ascension of the company moving to higher realms of creative projects. FREE TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE

Joshua Wallace (Sasquatch23)
David O’ Hare
Crystallee Crain
Cindy Marie
Julia Urow-Hamell
Manda Valeri
Kelsey Landis
Erin Bishop
Emma Case

House of Circe Private Collection Artists
Lawrence Alexander – NYC
Danielle Lange – Bay Area


Event is FREE ADMISSION and +21 over

Why is 9 so fine?
The number 9 represents the ending of cyles which soon follows new beginnings! As the vibration of number 9 is the number of Universal love, eternity, faith, Universal Spiritual Laws, the concept of karma, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, humanitarianism and the humanitarian, lightworking and lightworkers, leading by positive example, philanthropy and the philanthropist, charity, self-sacrifice, selflessness, destiny, life purpose and soul mission, generosity, a a higher perspective, romance, inner-strength, public relations, responsibility, intuition, strength of character.


For the LOVE of CIRCE

For the LOVE of CIRCE! Increase your level of feeling good + help pay it forward for our future artists + musicians while supporting our local + emerging new creators  These funds are allocated to pay for art + music supplies for the youth, workshops, and special events, in addition to direct donations for non-profits in alignment with our mission.


House of Circe is dedicated to supporting local emerging artists, photographers, + other like-minded creatives with the over-arching goal to raise funds to support children’s education + experience in art and music for art + music supplies and funds for community workshops.

Our goal and proven aims is to further improve + contribute to a healthy local community that accepts everyone as equals, that is based to support creative activities. The result of providing programs and supplies for a safe and discrimination free environment allows for self and community enrichment to give back lasting memories + skills.

Our ask for funding will go towards direct contributions with the creative non-profit organizations we are looking to develop long-standing working relationships with, art + music supplies for local Portland schools, and supplies going towards the community garden located at the Pegasus Project PDX art community center, and creative + community driven workshops + special events.

 Show some love or please pass along to anyone who would like to pay it forward 

Give Back with HOUSE of CIRCE


Oregon Eclipse Pre-Game Party + Mixer at TRYST

Oregon eclipse 2017

With the highly anticipated Total Solar Eclipse coming up around the corner, House of Circe is hosting an Oregon Eclipse PRE-GAME Party at Tryst where you can mix and mingle with others who are going to the Oregon Eclipse Festival or simply celebrating on their own!

Get hyped for the event by taking some time to pre-game, have fun, and make new friends! House of Circe will have the Black Gallery open for viewing by works done from fresh local artists.

SWEET Beats by DJ Mostly Ghostly + DJ Midi Wizard

Research + Development
Sacred G’s

Hip Hop for Change -OAKLAND, CA

HH4C Logo + WEBSITE.jpg


Swing Out Sister
House of Circe

Select House of Circe artists will be featured during the party.

$5 Raffle tickets will be available to WIN fun prizes!
$5 Minimum suggested donation


DREAMscape: First Thursday Art + Music Show at Tryst

It’s that time to celebrate + support PDX’s local artists at the DREAMscape Art + Music show for First Thursday at Tryst! FREE Admission + 21 and over.

This month will feature House of Circe resident artists + new featured artists in our group show, along with Sweet Beats by Midi Wizard.

Alex Southworth
Eli Duran
Mark Perry
Shannon Kelly
Natalie Wood
Erin Bishop
Katie Tallman
Solveig Noll
Corianna Scott

POP UP Shops
Swing Out Sister
House of Circe Specialty Boutique

LIVE MUSIC Performance by Slim Bacon

Treat yourself to art, music, fun, and friends! Doors open at 7 PM and exhibit opens at 8 PM.



Keeping on with the good vibes in July…IT’S OFFICIAL!…

House of Circe’s HQ office will be taking residency in the +100 year old building of the Northwest Oregon Seed Studios which currently houses over 40 amazing talented artists + other like-minded creatives  


It’s important to always keep pushing your dreams, hopes, and visions ahead even if you can’t see the fruit bearing on your tree of dreams, just know that is is already on it’s way. You never truly know when things will manifest but it’s great comfort knowing that with focus and determination and a healthy dose of patience!

Northwest Oregon Seed Studios



afterGLOW: First Thursday at Tryst

Come celebrate your summertime afterGLOW at the upcoming First Thursday art show at Tryst in downtown PDX! Featuring works by select House of Circe Resident artists + new local artists and pop-up shops! Event is FREE. Event is 21 + over.

So why not beat the heat with great company, amazing new works, shopping from our pop up shops + get your boogie on because you deserve it. Hope to see you kittens + kiddos there!

afterGLOW w Imges.jpg

Jesse Rankin
Erin Bishop
Elliot Wall
Janelle Hammerstrom

HOUSE of CIRCE Resident Artists
Joshua Wallace
Ollie Stackhouse
Alex Southworth
Eli Duran
Julia Brawn
Hette Olyano
Casey Cronin
Emma Case

SWEET BEATS by Resident DJ Midi Wizard

Reflective Jewelry
House of Circe