Sweet Treat for SXSW 2018

Hey Creative Crew near + far! Have you been searching for the next musical talent that brilliantly weaves the thread of sound + emotion into a modern tech twist. If you have then this is for you + other creatives out there in SXSW! The AM are back in Texas and Austin for a crazy week of music, incredible new artists and let’s not forget shows!! Please show your support for this sweet treat at SXSW 2018  + check out on of their shows. You won’t want to miss out!

Instagram _theam
Twitter @acousticminds

Acoustic Minds SXSW tour 18 V4

Below is the ever evolving schedule!

“Hope to see you at one or all of the shows while we play in Texas and at SXSW 2018!!” – The AM
(SXSW Official, Red Gorilla Music Festival, Music Gorilla Music Festival)

March 7th KimmyZ Tatum Point Phoenix, AZ 7pm
March 9th Java Joe’s Albuquerque, NM 11am
March 10th House Concert San Antonio, TX 7pm
March 13th Adaire’s Dallas, TX 8pm

SXSW Austin, TX*
March 14th Dizzy Rooster 9pm
(Red Gorilla Showcase)*
March 15th Handlebar 1pm
(Red Gorilla Showcase)*
March 15th The Met 9pm (Pool Party)*
March 16th Aquarium 330pm
(Red Gorilla Showcase)*
March 16th Oscar’s Backyard 9pm
(NW Fresh Showcase)*
March 17th Dizzy Rooster 5pm
(Red Gorilla Showcase)*
March 17th Whisler’s 10pm
(Music Gorilla Showcase)*
March 18th House Concert 7pm *
March 20th Leftwoods Amarillo, TX 9pm
March 21st Mezcal Albuquerque, NM 7pm

These are all free shows! Come say hello, get a new cd or T-shirt!


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