For the LOVE of CIRCE

For the LOVE of CIRCE! Increase your level of feeling good + help pay it forward for our future artists + musicians while supporting our local + emerging new creators  These funds are allocated to pay for art + music supplies for the youth, workshops, and special events, in addition to direct donations for non-profits in alignment with our mission.


House of Circe is dedicated to supporting local emerging artists, photographers, + other like-minded creatives with the over-arching goal to raise funds to support children’s education + experience in art and music for art + music supplies and funds for community workshops.

Our goal and proven aims is to further improve + contribute to a healthy local community that accepts everyone as equals, that is based to support creative activities. The result of providing programs and supplies for a safe and discrimination free environment allows for self and community enrichment to give back lasting memories + skills.

Our ask for funding will go towards direct contributions with the creative non-profit organizations we are looking to develop long-standing working relationships with, art + music supplies for local Portland schools, and supplies going towards the community garden located at the Pegasus Project PDX art community center, and creative + community driven workshops + special events.

 Show some love or please pass along to anyone who would like to pay it forward 

Give Back with HOUSE of CIRCE


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