Come celebrate the arts with amazing local artists + friends alike for the next First Thursday: “Martyr for LOVE” art show hosted by Tryst and House of Circe. FREE ADMISSION + 21 over

This show will not only feature the works of House of Circe’s resident artists and new local artists, but will also provide a glimpse in time in an exhibit featuring select artists’ own interpretations of one of the true historical legends of the unsung stories of St. Valentine’s Day.

Joshua Wallace
Alex Southworth
Casey Cronin
Hette Olyano
Emma C.
Tao Forte
Kelli Pennington
Ollie Stackhouse
Kango Kid

Julian Ansell

Reflective Jewelry
House of Circe

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House of Circe is dedicated to supporting + marketing local emerging artists, photographers, and other like-minded creatives with the over-arching goal to raise funds to support children's education + experience in art and music.

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